Lucie Manna, Portfolio Property Manager
Meet Lucie, our exceptional Property Manager who combines a genuine love for property with a passion for creating memorable experiences. With a flair for urban style writing, a penchant for holidays, and a deep appreciation for family life, Lucie brings a well-rounded perspective to the world of estate agency, ensuring your property management needs are met with unparalleled care and attention.

Lucie's affinity for property is evident in her unwavering dedication to maintaining and enhancing the value of your investment. As a Property Manager, she possesses a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring that each property is meticulously cared for, meticulously cared for, and that any issues are swiftly addressed. Her commitment to excellence guarantees that your property will be managed with the utmost professionalism, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind.

Beyond her professional expertise, Lucie's love for holidays is infectious. She understands the importance of finding a home that not only serves as a sanctuary but also provides the perfect launching pad for unforgettable adventures. Lucie's expert guidance ensures that your property is not only well-maintained but also positioned to maximise its potential.

Lucie's dedication to family is at the core of her approach to property management. As a parent herself, she recognizes the importance of creating safe, welcoming environments where families can thrive. Whether it's finding suitable properties for families or ensuring that your investment property accommodates the unique needs of tenants with children, Lucie goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels at home.

When Lucie is not immersed in the world of property management, you can find her exploring the city's vibrant social scene. She thrives on discovering new restaurants, bars, and cultural events, always seeking out the pulse of urban life. Her firsthand knowledge of the city's hotspots ensures that she can offer invaluable recommendations to tenants, enhancing their overall experience.

With Lucie as your dedicated Property Manager, you can rest assured that your property will be managed with care, precision, and a commitment to creating memorable experiences. Her expertise in property management, love for holidays and dedication to family will ensure that your investment thrives while providing a haven for tenants or guests. Trust Lucie to bring excellence, passion, and a touch of urban sophistication to your property management journey.