Net Lettings

Why Rent With Net Lettings?

When there are hundreds of agents out there to choose from why should you choose to call us?



Local Expertise

We live in and love East London and have been letting to individuals and corporations for years, earning our stripes and building our reputation. We know East London like no other agent.



Letting Specific

Most agents are either sales only or sales and lettings agents. Net Lettings are lettings only. We have chosen to specialise in this exciting area and because of this focus we’re one of the best in our field.



Number of Properties

Not only do we have many properties on our own books but through our partner agents and the inter-agency cooperation platform The Letting Network we have access to hundreds more, ultimately giving you the widest possible choice of properties to consider.



Dedicated to You

We listen to your needs and find what you’re looking for. We don’t try to force a round peg into a square home (basically it makes the round peg very unhappy and undoubtedly the square home owner will have something to say about it)!


Put simply, we know East London, we’re sure to have access to the perfect property for you, and we listen to make sure we find exactly what you want.

Contact us

We are always here to help, get in touch with us by Email, Telephone, or come into our Office.
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