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Booking a valuation is as simple as calling us on 020 7183 1060 or emailing us to let us know the address, a time you’ll be at the property and a few more basic details that will give us a head start in our appraisal of its rental potential.


Valuations are always carried out by a senior consultant, which is an indication of the importance that we place on this part of our relationship with a client. With years of experience in the East London area, your valuer will not only be able to tell you what your property is worth in terms of rental income but will bring with them comparables, local properties similar to your own, that have recently been let to justify the rental price they recommend. We always treat a property as unique and its valuation will be a summation of not only its dimensions and number of rooms but also its condition, location, features and proximity to amenities amongst other things.


Our valuers have access to all the latest tools to assist them in their task, but in the end it’s their years of experience and keen eye on the market that leads them to the right figure time and time again. The ‘right’ figure is one that ensures you maximise your property investment so it achieves the highest rental income possible while also minimising any vacant periods. It’s about adapting valuations to changing trends and economic conditions. And it’s about properly managing a client’s expectations through neither overvaluing for short-term stock gains nor undervaluing for a quick turnover.


If you’re looking to achieve the highest realistic rental income from your property or properties then call us today on 020 8981 5551.

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