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Cannon Street Road, London


£1,200 pcm

Imperium House is a amzing development located in Whitechapel with excellent transport links....
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Net Lettings are specialists in the London letting market, dedicated to helping you to find the properties, tenants and investments you are looking for. Our professional consultants work with landlords, developers and relocation firms to quickly, efficiently and successfully match properties to people, manage property assets, and offer advice and support to anyone looking to rent or let in London.

With over a decade of experience we have an unmatched understanding of our local market. So whether you are searching for your first home or for professionals you can trust to manage your firm’s portfolio, you’ll find our property expertise is second to none.
What Our Customers Say
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"The team have impressed me with their professionalism and willingness to deliver the best service. They made the whole process effortless."

"The team have impressed me with their professionalism and willingness to provide the best service.  They made the whole process effortless."
Ms C. Portman, UBS AG

"Excellent service. The staff are very informative with a huge amount of local knowledge and let our property within days."
Mr J. Brookes, JB Investments
"Their approach and personal service is exceptional, they fully understood our requirements and now manage our entire property portfolio."
Mr B. Nijjer, Freetown Homes Ltd