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We love hearing feedback from our customers. Here's what just a few of them had to say about their experiences with us.

"Their approach and personal service is exceptional, they fully understood our requirements and now manage our entire property portfolio."

Mr B. Nijjer, Director of Freetown Homes Ltd

"Thank you so much for all of your help so far with my first investment! I thought that when I bought my first place I would know it all inside out. I really appreciate the advice and everything that you have done."

Ms Armour, E14

"The team have impressed me with their professionalism and willingness to deliver the best service. They made the whole process effortless."

Ms C. Portman, UBS AG

"You worked tirelessly to find tenants that matched our somewhat demanding critique, we look forward to utilising your services again in the future."

Mrs Blackwell, E3

"We have visited several properties; your staff have always been very helpful and made the viewings as easy as possible for us, even if that meant entertaining our four year old son whilst we looked around!"

Mr Murray & Ms Pitt, E14

"You were efficient, informative and took my preferences seriously. A fantastic service from start to finish really made the whole experience practically stress free!"

Ms Goodman, E14

“The combination of local knowledge and the industry expertise provided extra focus and sound advice throughout. I’m excited at the prospect of using the team again on my next development.”

Mr M. Singh, Director of Sky Touch Ltd

"Given the unfamiliar territory we were dealing with, it was really important that we chose the correct local agent. Jag and his team stood out immediately from his competitors and our decision to instruct them was vindicated throughout. We continue to use the team with great success on several of our sites across London."

Mr A. Ali, Director of Simko Trading Ltd

"Excellent service with a professional approach. The staff are very informative with a huge amount of local knowledge and let our property within days. Jag was always on hand to provide us with detailed information, often with very little notice."

Mr J. Brookes, Partner of JB Investments 

"I used Net Lettings for renting my property, I was very happy with the service I received and will certainly be recommending them to friends."

Mrs Betts, E1

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